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Reputex 20

REPUTEX antimicrobial in deodorant spray
   This trigger spray product, for dogs and cats, provides a combined deodorant and disinfection effect,
    eliminating odors and killing bacteria, mites and fungi.  The product may be applied to bedding,
    blankets, rugs and other fabrics and also directly onto the dog or cat.

REPUTEX™ antimicrobials deliver a genuine benefit enabling you to capitalize on the demands of an increasingly sophisticated market. They maintain the integrity of textiles, extending usable life and delivering important added value.

REPUTEX antimicrobials offer you:

•  Compatibility
    REPUTEX antimicrobials can be used confidently in Textiles without impairing the water absorbency
    or softness of the product.  They are also compatible with most finishes.

•  Confidence in use
    PHMB has a long history of successful use in skin contact applications across a number of industries.

•  Easy and flexible application methods
    Simple basic chemical tests determine the level of REPUTEX antimicrobials on the fibre.

•  Performance and durability
    Powerful effects (evidenced by recognized test protocols such as AATCC100) can be achieved
    at low usage levels, giving attractive cost benefits.

Arch Biocides has conducted extensive international consumer market research to determine the optimum brand positioning to communicate the benefits our treatments add to your consumer textile products. 


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