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Vantocil TG

VANTOCIL TG antimicrobial in bath wipes for all pets Thai Hygienic, Thailand, recently introduced their 'Spets'™ Bath Tub wipes containing Arch's VANTOCIL TG antimicrobial.  These single use and alcohol free impregnated wet wipes provide an antibacterial action, along with other performance features such as cleansing, deodorising, conditioning,

Poly (hexamethylene biguanide) hydrochloride (PHMB), the active ingredient in our VANTOCIL™ antimicrobial range is a fast-acting and broad spectrum bactericide with a wide formulation latitude. Consequently, by careful selection of appropriate co-formulants, a wide range of professional and domestic products can be formulated which meet the stringent demands of today's disinfection and hygiene industries.

VANTOCIL antimicrobials can be used to formulate a wide variety of applications including:

•  Professional disinfection
            - Liquid hard surface disinfectants for surfaces and floors
            - Solid disinfection tablets (slow release and effervescent)
            - Water cooling towers
     -        Tunnel pasteurisers
            - Room fogging
            - Disinfectants for medical devices and equipment

•  Household products
            - Antimicrobial surface disinfectants
            - Antimicrobial fabric conditioners

•  Sanitizing wet wipes (for surfaces and hands)

•  Antimicrobial hand soaps

The primary performance benefits of PHMB include:

•  Fast-acting and broad spectrum antimicrobial activity

•  No cross-resistance with therapeutic antibiotics

•  High level of retained biocidal activity in both soft and hard water conditions, and in the presence
    of organic load (BSA, yeast extract, milk and sucrose)

•  Stable and effective performance over a pH range of 1-11

•  Low surface activity and consequently can be readily water rinsed from surfaces and provide very
    low foaming products for Clean-In-Place applications

Through its longstanding familiarity with PHMB, Arch Biocides is well placed to offer formulation guidance and application advice in selecting the most appropriate co-formulants to ensure that your antimicrobial products offer the performance you would expect.

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